Meet Anna: Charismatic, fearless and truly kick-ass


©Anna Akana/Youtube
©Anna Akana/Youtube

Anna Akana, is an actress, filmmaker, youtuber and possibly one of the coolest women online. One of her latest videos, “How to put on your face”, is going viral online as she spreads the messages of confidence, health and inner beauty.

She’s confident, intelligent, geeky, educational, honest, creative, friendly, so beautifully open – AND HILARIOUS!
Anna’s videos are well thought out, relatable and addictive (and from a filmmaker’s perspective – oh my damn, she’s a fantastic filmmaker!!)

As well as making a ton of fun and creative videos, Anna is also on a mission to create 12 short films in 2014 before making a feature film. This is a lady who understands and respects the process of learning and earning your stripes!
This geeky, cat-loving video goddess is captivating to the audiences and I totally love her open and fearless style.
In her video “How to deal with sexual harassment” she cleverly and humorously tackles the very common issue of sexual harassment in a manner which makes the viewer feel safe, comfortable and enlightened.


While in her video “Pregnapocalypse” she plays out a brief scenario of what would happen if every woman in the world was suddenly 9 months pregnant (trust me, you won’t be expecting the twist)

She even did a very helpful video about money in filmmaking to share with people that might not know where the money goes in filmmaking. Is there anything she can’t do?!

She even has quite the “Overactive imagination” (I just needed to squeeze this one in because I love it so much)

Seriously, how can one woman be just so awesome? It’s amazing!
I’m really looking forward to watching Anna’s journey and supporting her work (heck, if she decides to go the crowd-funding route, I’m in!) I plan on sharing any big news she breaks in future (kickstarter plz) and I’m really excited to see what she brings out next.
Stay awesome, Anna!

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