5 ways to communicate with your partner online


The internet is a really (like REALLY) big place and there’s a lot you can do with it. There’s so much possibility for communication, especially between you’re Significant Other (S.O)!
Especially if you guys are in a Long-Distance Relationship, the internet can be such a fantastic tool for sharing.

Being in a LDR myself, I’ve spent quite a lot of time thinking about all the different ways to use the internet for sharing and talking with my S.O.
Here are the top 5 methods (in no particular order) that I’ve found for making the most of the inter web!
(And to sing us through the steps today, it’s Soulja Boy with Kiss Me Thru The Phone)

1. Facebook
Some people might criticise me for putting Facebook at the top, but it really is a very typical way of keeping in touch. Even though the settings and features barely stop changing every two minutes, Facebook has a lot of freedom for adjusting and organising your audience.
You can alter the privacy settings for each post to choose who gets to see what – you can even hide it from everyone but one of few select friends.
The messenger is a pretty easy to use and quick method of communication. Some people don’t get the notifications on all their devices (I myself limit the notifications that come through on my phone for productivity sake and to avoid the really annoying buzzing sound) and kind of try to avoid Facebook at times, so this might not be the best communication depending on their personality.
One good idea is to create a group that only you and your S.O can see, so you can post statuses, messages, photos videos, links, etc to the wall without having to worry about doing the privacy settings every single time.
However, do be careful what you upload as, like many websites, Facebook occasionally makes security slip-ups and people can end up seeing stuff they shouldn’t. So… Yeah, take care!

2. IM
If you’re in a long-distance relationship, you don’t want to be texting and making overseas phone calls – that costs a lot of money – so you’ll want to look into the different instant messaging services available to you.
And, if you are, like me, dating a Korean, Kakaotalk and LINE are good messaging services to use. Calls and messages are free and they even have cute sticker things you can send to each other for those who like a little cuteness.
So take advantage of the many many different IM services out there, from Skype, to KakaoTalk, to WhatsApp!

3. Photo sharing
Sharing photos with your S.O is so easy online! There’s Snapchat, Instagram (which now has a direct feature for sharing with specific people), Facebook, Twitter, KakaoStory and so many more ways to share photos easily with reasonable privacy.
Again, it’s still the internet and privacy isn’t guaranteed, so I’d advise discretion when uploading pictures to the internet 😉

4. Blogging
It might seem a little odd with all the social media platforms out there, but it could be a good idea for you and your S.O to each start a blog that only the two of you can see. It gives you a little space that’s just yours, away from other notifications and influences from other people so you have a private little nook in the corner of the internet where you can both escape for a time. Update your blogs with anything you like – diary entries, your schedule, thoughts, videos, pictures, links, etc. It’s you’re blank canvas to paint the picture of your world to share with your other half so you can feel free to get creative with it!

5. Email
So, you might say it’s like 15 years too late for this idea, but communicating via email is actually a good way of sending longer and more detailed messages to your bf/gf. Just like a traditional letter, you can take your time to write a longer and more thoughtful message than you might send via IM (However, recently, in a letter I did discuss my thoughts on Psy’s new song Hangover…).
Don’t know this perfectly good method of communication until you’ve given it a good try. And anything that encourages you to stay on top of your inbox HAS to be a good thing!

I hope this is useful to you and has given you an idea of how the internet can help you and your partner feel close, even if there’s a whole world dividing you! If you have any comments or questions, please share them!
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