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Cutest Korean Lessons Ever!

There are a couple videos doing the rounds around the internet at the minute of a little girl’s incredibly adorable reactions as her mother tries to teach her Korean and some valuable life lessons. This little cutie’s name is Yebin (예빈), a 2 years old from Korea whose her mother loves to capture her little girl’s adorableness on camera. Source: Drama Fever AND! These videos actually serve a good purpose in learning Korean, as it is often very helpful to hear a child learning a language to help your own. Not only does the mother’s clear pronunciation help us hear, but children often repeat things to help them learn, so we get the benefit of hearing it repeated a few times – and when it’s as cute as that how can we not remember?!

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After seeing a couple of her videos around the internet, I decided to find out where these videos were coming from. Turns out Yebin’s loving mother runs a facebook page for her daughter, where she posts pictures and videos of her super cute daughter, so other people can watch and go crazy over how adorable she is. For more pics and videos of little Yebin, check out her Facebook!

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