Korean Language

Korean language

Think Like A Native – Using your thoughts to improve your language skills

  In learning languages like Japanese and Korean, I have found one of the best ways of privately encouraging my learning, especially when unable to communicate with others in that language, is to make effort to communicate with myself. Over recent months, due to breaking up with my Korean ex-boyfriend and terribly missing my Japanese … Continue reading Think Like A Native – Using your thoughts to improve your language skills

What is ‘Oppa’?

Since Psy’s ‘Gangnam Style’ went viral worldwide in 2012, more people around the world have been aware of Korea and its pop culture. With that comes the typical questions that come with exploring a country with a completely different language and culture. One part of Korea that a lot of people are still baffled by … Continue reading What is ‘Oppa’?

Learning Language Like A Baby

Learning a language is easier than people think. Just look at yourself now, you are reading an article written in English by someone probably very very far away from where you are. You most likely learnt this language as a young baby – as your native tongue – or perhaps you learnt the language later … Continue reading Learning Language Like A Baby

K-Drama and Actor Names in Korean

It’s great being a foreign consumer of Korean dramas. We get the benefit of having an outsider appreciation for them and can enjoy the community of people to whom these shows are a luxury, not just everyday viewing that can be taken for granted. As an outside consumer, you get the experience of getting to … Continue reading K-Drama and Actor Names in Korean

Using Kdramas To Learn Korean

Learning Korean is fun and rewarding, but it isn’t the easiest language there is to learn. This means that we need a helping hand where possible, and television can be really useful. As well as studying Korean in textbooks and online, I use Korean dramas to reinforce my learning. It is really useful to have … Continue reading Using Kdramas To Learn Korean

Tongue twisters from around the world

Tongue twisters are words or phrases that are difficult and confusing to say. learning and performing tongue twisters is a common pass-time for kids on the UK, but I never realised until I met my best friend (and guest writer on Learn With Amy) that tongue twisters are hugely popular all around the world! So, … Continue reading Tongue twisters from around the world

My top Korean Textbooks!

Recently I did a piece on my top Japanese books and that went down a treat with you all. Well, I also own a LOT of Korean books too, and so put together another list of learning materials that have really helped my learning!   Teach Yourself: Complete Korean This book is fantastic and the first … Continue reading My top Korean Textbooks!

Korean Phrase of the Day! 무서워(요)

Today’s KPotD was inspired by my favourite internet cutie Yebin, in this video where her Mom teaches her how to say when she is frightened This is a useful phrase for anyone travelling to Korea, as you can seek help from natives in dangerous or frightening situations, even if you don’t know enough Korean to … Continue reading Korean Phrase of the Day! 무서워(요)

Meet Yerin and Yeseo! Does Yebin have competition?!

    It seems like the whole internet is going mad for the gorgeous little cutie Yebin, who’s character and innocent charm keeps us hooked video after video. But it seems like little ‘baby Yebin’ may have some competition on her hands! Thanks to the brilliance that is Youtube’s ‘suggested videos’ bar, I stumbled across … Continue reading Meet Yerin and Yeseo! Does Yebin have competition?!

How to Read Hangul!

So, I’ll be uploading a lot of Korean lessons and dialogues for you guys, but I first wanted to teach you how to read Hangul, the Korean writing system, so that you know it and can progress with the lessons. Personally, I have never been great at reading the Romanized Korean and think it’s way … Continue reading How to Read Hangul!