We are always looking for ways of making our lives more efficient and easier, and often the answers are only a few helpful steps away! Sometimes life-simplifying tricks can be so tiny that they seem blatantly obvious, while others can be major ones which we are so pleased and surprised to find.

Here, we want to share with you how-tos to make your life easier (and, in some cases, a lot cheaper)!

Here is where you can find all of our simple How-Tos in one place!



How To Blast A Job Interview

Job interviews are one of those frustrating facts of life that, unless we’re either really lucky or really unlucky, will experience a number of times in life. They’re stressful, judgy and generally a (useful) nuisance. They CAN be fun sometimes, but I think both the interviewees and the interviewers out there can agree that there … Continue reading How To Blast A Job Interview

Bye-bye Grease! Taking back my hair

Ever since I hit that tender age where you suddenly feel super self conscious, I have had this strong aversion to having greasy hair. Even now, a more confident adult, I still feel this (literally) sickening upset whenever I have greasy hair. I feel dirty, ugly and ashamed of myself. I know it doesn’t make … Continue reading Bye-bye Grease! Taking back my hair

Random Acts of Kindness

We’ve all seen videos on Youtube and Facebook about people going out and doing random acts of kindness for others. They fill us up with that warm fuzzy feeling as unsuspecting people are shown gestures of kindness and good will. It’s really easy to watch these videos, but a lot of people don’t feel like … Continue reading Random Acts of Kindness

Learning Language Like A Baby

Learning a language is easier than people think. Just look at yourself now, you are reading an article written in English by someone probably very very far away from where you are. You most likely learnt this language as a young baby – as your native tongue – or perhaps you learnt the language later … Continue reading Learning Language Like A Baby

I’m counting on you! Learning to count in Japanese

Japanese is a fantastic language and if you are interest in studying it, learning to count should be a high priority for you! Numbers in Japanese aren’t the hardest subject to grasp, but can be tricky to begin with! Don’t worry, with practice and revision, you’ll soon have it mastered! Just in case you need … Continue reading I’m counting on you! Learning to count in Japanese

Reclaiming your space: Beating messiness

I’ve promised to always be honest on here and, in all painful honesty, I am a messy person. I have a habit of being rather lazy and also to pass up tidying and cleaning in favour of more “productive” jobs. It isn’t good, it isn’t fun and it’s got to change. I am slowly starting … Continue reading Reclaiming your space: Beating messiness

Making 호박죽 (Korean butternut squash rice porridge) and Discovering Maangchi!

In Korea, 죽 ‘juk’ dishes are savoury porridges made from rice. Some are the same consistency of porridge or oatmeal, while others are more like soup with dumplings of rice. Juk is a popular comfort food in Korea and is commonly eaten when ill as it is simple and easy on the stomach, but tasty … Continue reading Making 호박죽 (Korean butternut squash rice porridge) and Discovering Maangchi!

Happy Halloween! How to have a safe Halloween!

I hope you are all having a very happy Halloween! I’ll be working away at the restaurant tonight — portraying the terrifying character of an exhausted waitress (whoooooooo, scary!) — so I won’t get to join the usual spooky celebrations, but I wanted to wish you all a very fun and safe Halloween!   Here … Continue reading Happy Halloween! How to have a safe Halloween!

Tattoos and Tattoo aftercare

As I mentioned in one of my recent posts, I have 3 tattoos that I love very much that all carry very strong meanings to me.  They’re important and I want to make sure they last well. A lot of people ask me “Wasn’t that really painful?!” Personally, if you are worried about pain, probably … Continue reading Tattoos and Tattoo aftercare

Cure your cold/flu

It is now the worst time of year for cold and flu. Thousands and thousands of people are suffering from the viruses that do the rounds every year—and it’s never fun… As well as knowing a LOT of people sick with colds and flu, I also happened to get struck down with it too for … Continue reading Cure your cold/flu