British culture

British culture

Random Acts of Kindness

We’ve all seen videos on Youtube and Facebook about people going out and doing random acts of kindness for others. They fill us up with that warm fuzzy feeling as unsuspecting people are shown gestures of kindness and good will. It’s really easy to watch these videos, but a lot of people don’t feel like … Continue reading Random Acts of Kindness

My Experiences: Getting a Tattoo

I love tattoos. It is becoming more and more common knowledge (I suppose since I got my first openly visible tattoo) that I love them and take great pride in the tats that I have. I’ve written before about the cultural views on tattoos and answered a few of your questions on them and their … Continue reading My Experiences: Getting a Tattoo

Tongue twisters from around the world

Tongue twisters are words or phrases that are difficult and confusing to say. learning and performing tongue twisters is a common pass-time for kids on the UK, but I never realised until I met my best friend (and guest writer on Learn With Amy) that tongue twisters are hugely popular all around the world! So, … Continue reading Tongue twisters from around the world

Christmas in Britain

Having a lot of Non-British (and Non-European) friends, I have recently needed to explain what a British Christmas is like. Christmas in the UK can ca very different from Christmas everywhere else, and also the gap between traditional ideas and the actual practice can be vast too! I thought that a post explaining the British … Continue reading Christmas in Britain

Tattoos and Tattoo aftercare

As I mentioned in one of my recent posts, I have 3 tattoos that I love very much that all carry very strong meanings to me.  They’re important and I want to make sure they last well. A lot of people ask me “Wasn’t that really painful?!” Personally, if you are worried about pain, probably … Continue reading Tattoos and Tattoo aftercare

Couple’s Fashion

  Love’s awesome we all know it! And some awesome couples, especially the youngsters, love to show off their affection to the world by wearing couple fashion. It’s a common and adorable way of showing your relationship status (I mean, if the girl you like is dressed exactly the same as the guy next to … Continue reading Couple’s Fashion

Cultural views on tattoos

So, I have 3 tattoos and the reaction to them varies from person to person. Some love them, some hate them and most don’t really care that much. When I met my best friend, tattoos were one of the first conversation topics between us and I realised that the opinions of tattoos varies greatly from … Continue reading Cultural views on tattoos

Recipe: American-style pancakes!!

What’s the best thing about running out of cereal? Finding an alternative breakfast!! And what’s the best breakfast EVER? PANCAKES! Also, good news for our Asian readers. While most cakey recipes involve oven, which are still not common in Asia, these are just made in a frying pan, so our lovely Asian readers can enjoy … Continue reading Recipe: American-style pancakes!!

Recipe: Simple fudge

A while ago, I tried something that I’d been too chicken to attempt for ages. I started making fudge. That might not sound huge, but with my history of clumsiness, I figured that maybe handling pans of boiling hot sugar would be a bit silly – me being the doofus who once manage to badly … Continue reading Recipe: Simple fudge

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