Do you enjoy cooking or is it one of those tasks you do as little and as simply as humanly possible? Do you have fun trying new recipes or cower at the idea of delicate pastries and boiling up carefully measured and suspiciously sticky goods?

Whether you’re one or the other (or somehow a combination of both), we are here to help you!

From recipes to time-saving how-tos, we want to help make cooking as fun and stress-free as possible.




Why Korean food should be on your menu

Whether you are a student, living alone, living with others, bringing up a family or, y’know, just need to eat, we can all agree that eating well these days is more effort and expense than ever. We’ve become so used to being fed garbage food that claims to be good for us, while slowly poisoning … Continue reading Why Korean food should be on your menu

Making 호박죽 (Korean butternut squash rice porridge) and Discovering Maangchi!

In Korea, 죽 ‘juk’ dishes are savoury porridges made from rice. Some are the same consistency of porridge or oatmeal, while others are more like soup with dumplings of rice. Juk is a popular comfort food in Korea and is commonly eaten when ill as it is simple and easy on the stomach, but tasty … Continue reading Making 호박죽 (Korean butternut squash rice porridge) and Discovering Maangchi!

Pancake art?!?!?!?!

I never knew it was a thing before… But now it is, I feel more contented.   So, people make art out of a lot of different stuff. Paint… Garbage… Blue tac… Even themselves! But pancake art is a new one to me! Youtuber Nathan Shields uploads videos of his work, straight from the pan, … Continue reading Pancake art?!?!?!?!

My first Korean restaurant experience!

Restaurant: Little Korea Location: London’s China Town Rating: ** Wow! So…. Not a great start to my first ever restaurant review! Okay, so I ate at Little Korea while on a recent trip to good ol’ London. I went in super excited, ready to discover a new place, eat some good food and speak some … Continue reading My first Korean restaurant experience!

Recipe: American-style pancakes!!

What’s the best thing about running out of cereal? Finding an alternative breakfast!! And what’s the best breakfast EVER? PANCAKES! Also, good news for our Asian readers. While most cakey recipes involve oven, which are still not common in Asia, these are just made in a frying pan, so our lovely Asian readers can enjoy … Continue reading Recipe: American-style pancakes!!

Recipe: Simple fudge

A while ago, I tried something that I’d been too chicken to attempt for ages. I started making fudge. That might not sound huge, but with my history of clumsiness, I figured that maybe handling pans of boiling hot sugar would be a bit silly – me being the doofus who once manage to badly … Continue reading Recipe: Simple fudge

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