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We all like to look and feel our best, it’s normal. We’re all beautiful in our different ways and there’s nothing wrong with wanting to show that.

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Love, Health and Beauty

My Story: The Mirena Coil Implant

  There are many different reasons for and against the use of hormonal contraceptives and, given the opportunity, many will throw their opinions at you until you’re left reeling and unable to tell left from right. I think, aside from personal accounts, people should refrain from bashing others with their medical opinions and leave a … Continue reading My Story: The Mirena Coil Implant

Claddagh rings – The IRL relationship status!

Today, when we meet someone new that we’re romantically interested in, one of the first things we are likely to do is go on Facebook (or Twitter, Instagram – even Linked in, if we’re really desperate) and check their Relationship Status for the all clear that we want to see before we pursue a relationship. … Continue reading Claddagh rings – The IRL relationship status!

Why Korean food should be on your menu

Whether you are a student, living alone, living with others, bringing up a family or, y’know, just need to eat, we can all agree that eating well these days is more effort and expense than ever. We’ve become so used to being fed garbage food that claims to be good for us, while slowly poisoning … Continue reading Why Korean food should be on your menu

Do I have An Ugly Voice?!?!?! The truth about what you hear

As someone who, like many out there, hopes to thrive in creative industries as a professional, there is one major setback that looms over me anytime I set out to begin any task: I hate the sound of my voice. And not just on video! I hate my voice on the phone, when singing, but particularly … Continue reading Do I have An Ugly Voice?!?!?! The truth about what you hear

Bye-bye Grease! Taking back my hair

Ever since I hit that tender age where you suddenly feel super self conscious, I have had this strong aversion to having greasy hair. Even now, a more confident adult, I still feel this (literally) sickening upset whenever I have greasy hair. I feel dirty, ugly and ashamed of myself. I know it doesn’t make … Continue reading Bye-bye Grease! Taking back my hair

Random Acts of Kindness

We’ve all seen videos on Youtube and Facebook about people going out and doing random acts of kindness for others. They fill us up with that warm fuzzy feeling as unsuspecting people are shown gestures of kindness and good will. It’s really easy to watch these videos, but a lot of people don’t feel like … Continue reading Random Acts of Kindness

My Experiences: Getting a Tattoo

I love tattoos. It is becoming more and more common knowledge (I suppose since I got my first openly visible tattoo) that I love them and take great pride in the tats that I have. I’ve written before about the cultural views on tattoos and answered a few of your questions on them and their … Continue reading My Experiences: Getting a Tattoo

Loving your skin

Taking care of your skin is vital keeping it fresh, clean and youthful. Especially for those of us with sensitive skin, it is sometimes difficult to know what the right thing to do is when it comes to skin care and looking good. And sometimes, main brand skin care products can cause mild to severe … Continue reading Loving your skin

L’OREAL Paris Miss Manga Mascara

  Not everyone likes mascara, and I’m not often seen singing its praises much. I’m very lucky in the fact that I have quite thick and long eyelashes, so mascara isn’t really a high priority in my makeup routine. BUT(!!!!) I am a sucker for a good deal and can be persuaded when the suggestion … Continue reading L’OREAL Paris Miss Manga Mascara

Respect (And How to Give It)

So I think we have all been told that we don’t respect enough. Whether it is your elders, your peers, your parents, your boss or the people who play important roles in your life that you may forget (like the barista that makes your coffee every day or the teller at the bank). We’ve all … Continue reading Respect (And How to Give It)