Learn With Amy’s 2015 Challenge!

10432552_1013181298695894_8304708746044163524_nLearn With Amy is all about improvement, working together and fun. I want this website to serve as an informative and enjoyable environment for people seeking information on as many subjects as I can offer.

Whether you are a fan of cooking, Korean culture, personal development, squeeing about cute things, art, writing or acting, I want to be there to enlighten and encourage you to invest in your interests. In the coming year I am bringing a lot of big improvements to the site, but I also thought that some kind of a program to follow would be a good way to begin, and also perhaps serve to even further expand your interests by offering you a wide variety of activities and challenges to try.
So, each month in 2015 there will be a month-long challenge for you guys to follow. It could be something that you do every day, or something that you work on slowly throughout the month, or simply try once.
Also, to make things a little more exciting, there will be a giveaway with each challenge, so you can share your participation with us and at the end of the month, I’ll choose a lucky reader to send a prize.

January Part 1 – A Diary

I want you to start a diary. It can be any kind of diary you want, as long as it is managed with a healthy attitude. No voodoo scribbles or raging. It can be anything from a language diary to practice a language you are learning, an achievement diary, a dream or thought diary or a gratitude diary — anything you want, as long as it is unique!
To enter the giveaway, share your diary idea with us on the Learn With Amy Facebook page, on the Twitter or my Instagram using the hashtag #LearnWithAmy2015challenge and link us, or submit your entry using the contact form below!
The winners of the monthly challenges will be announced and notified at the end of the month, so keep an eye on here and the social media to hear if you are one of the lucky peeps!

(No purchase necessary. No cash prize. No sponsors are involved in this giveaway)

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