Pancake art?!?!?!?!

photo 4I never knew it was a thing before… But now it is, I feel more contented.


So, people make art out of a lot of different stuff. Paint… Garbage… Blue tac… Even themselves! But pancake art is a new one to me!

Youtuber Nathan Shields uploads videos of his work, straight from the pan, to his following of over 13,000 (drooling) fans.

Armed with only a hot pan, a spatula and a squirty bottle of pancake batter, Nathan ‘paints’ amazingly realistic imaged in pancake, resulting in possibly the coolest breakfasts known to man.

His videos include ‘Olaf’ from the hit Disney movie ‘Frozen’


A skull


And even 3 characters from AMC’s The Walking Dead!!



As well as videos of making the pancakes, Nathan also makes cute tutorials with his two incredibly cute kids Gryphon and Alice, who both can’t get enough of the fun.

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Maybe you can use Learn With Amy’s Pancake Recipe to make your own edible art!

Let us know what you think in the comment section below! Have you tried making these yourself? Let us know how it went!

All the best, guys! X

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