Cure your cold/flu

It is now the worst time of year for cold and flu. Thousands and thousands of people are suffering from the viruses that do the rounds every year—and it’s never fun…

As well as knowing a LOT of people sick with colds and flu, I also happened to get struck down with it too for a few days. But, being a busy lady with a lot of stuff to get on with, I had to get it beat FAST!

Here are some tips I have learnt for helping to kick your cold quickly!


flu maskNow, I didn’t have a lot of time for resting, but I did my best to make sure that the time I spent resting was efficient and comfortable.

Make sure you are warm enough, this will prevent your symptoms worsening by getting chilled. You don’t need to keep run up your gas bill by doing this – instead you can use a fluffy blanket, a hot water bottle, a microwaveable wheat heat pack or a disposable hot pack.

(Please take care when using any of these products. Don’t get hurt)

My favourite way to sleep when ill is curled around a hot wheat pack while wrapped in a warm and soft blanket.

Try to make sure that the room you are sleeping in is as dark and quiet as you can possible make it. Unnecessary noise and light will disturb your sleep and not help your condition.


Pace yourself

Regardless of how much work you have to do, try to go easy on yourself. Don’t rush where you can afford to take it carefully and try not to overwork yourself. That business is only going to slow you down more and extend your recovery time.

Try to go that little easier and it’ll go a long way.

Try to find a couple minutes every so often just let yourself slow down, take a breather, stop moving so fast and just find your feet.



I’m not really comfortable with RECOMMENDING caffeine to anyone, but I personally find taking the caffeine pills ‘Pro Plus’ really help me feel better, as well as boosting my energy enough to make it through work.

If you do decide you use caffeine, please only do so if safe for yourself and always in moderation.


Hot drinks

Tea, coffee, hot chocolate, green tea, jasmine tea – all of them are magic for me when fighting a cold. I don’t drink a lot of hot drinks from day-to-day, but I can’t get enough of them when battling a bug.

As well as keeping you warm, hot drinks are also so soothing and are fantastic relief for blocked noses, sore throats and headaches.


Stay Hydrated

Keeping yourself hydrated is perhaps the most important piece of advice I can give you. Hydration is so important for detoxing and helping to bring you immune system back to scratch.

I recommend keeping a bottle of water handy at all times so you always have a quick source of water so you aren’t tempted to go without.


Echinacea might seem like one of those hokey pokey cures that your grandma might insist upon, but I’ve personally found that is does actually help.

A couple of these a day seem to help keep my head clear and keep me on the path to recovery. Whether they work scientifically or just mentally, I’m fine as long as I’m not staying sick!

I hope you guys are all well as the seasons turn. If you have had the misfortune of catching a cold or flu, I hope you’re back feeling your normal self very soon!

If you guys have any suggestions, comments or questions, send me a message or a comment below!

Take care and see you later. X


All of these are just gathered through my own personal experience. They are purely guidelines. Please take care and use your own sense when following these steps.

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