My first Korean restaurant experience!

Restaurant: Little Korea

Location: London’s China Town

Rating: **

Wow! So…. Not a great start to my first ever restaurant review!

Okay, so I ate at Little Korea while on a recent trip to good ol’ London. I went in super excited, ready to discover a new place, eat some good food and speak some Korean. Everything was looking good to begin with… Then things went down hill.

I must say now – the food was just fine. Everything tasted spot on, prices were very reasonable for central London and I didn’t get food poisoning (Always a delight). The only thing that soured things was the service.

Now, I am an understanding lady, I’m a waitress myself and I occasionally know what it feels like not to want to go to work and face a lot of people… but the staff at this place were honestly the rudest that I’ve ever met.

As well as outright ignoring people and being generally sharp toned and careless, when not doing anything, the staff would glare at the customers and try to do their best to rush them out of the place. The service was way too hasty for such a small place (which by the looks of it seats less than 30 people anyway) and they kept pestering customers to finish their meals, despite there still being plenty of free tables and no real demand for the space. They were so rushing, that they actually tried clearing plates that customers were still eating from!

I know people go out to eat for the food, but a big part of it is also the experience and it can really ruin it to be intimidated by rude and careless staff.

I’d eaten breakfast quite late, so all I ordered was seaweed soup (미역국), kimchii (김치) and rice (밥). The food itself was just fine and I couldn’t fault it and in total the whole lot (soup, kimchi, rice and 1 coke) only came to about £11.30 (including the automatic 10% service charge) so it was a very cheap lunch.

I would have been so happy if the service quality had matched the food (which would’ve won an easy 4*) and I would love to want to go back there, but I think the way the staff were towards me and the other customers ensures that, regardless of how good and cheap the food is, I won’t be going back there again.

I’m sorry to say that Little Korea was a big disappointment!

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