Who is Yebin?

I’m glad you asked! (and, trust me, LOADS of you are asking!)

©Youtube/Drama Fever
©Youtube/Drama Fever

I’ve already written a post on the Internet’s favourite little cutie, but I thought I’d write a quick post to give you the quick answer you are looking for.
Yebin is a little Korean girl, born on December 27th 2011 and she’s basically the cutest little girl I’ve ever seen.
She’s just downright adorable and I think everyone would be thrilled to have a daughter that freakin’ cute!
She first went viral when a video of her Mom trying to teach her about ‘Stranger danger’ started going around and has since become an internet sensation.

Yebin’s mother uploads photos and videos of her daughter to Facebook and a Korean social media site cyworld and those pics and videos are viewed thousands of times a day.
So, basically, she’s just a super adorable Korean toddler.
And good news! Yebin is going to be a big sister! Double the cuteness!

Here are Yebin’s (Mom’s) Official pages on Facebook and Cyworld.

And, if you’re interested in going ahead and teaching your little ones Korean, you can find cheao bilingual learning resources on Amazon, like this:

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