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Proper manners for Korean Learners

Proper manners for Korean Learners

Learning Korean is a fun, rewarding and a perfectly balanced challenge. However, it does come with some rules.

Evernote Camera Roll 120140625 002833Korea has a lot of manners and social rules to follow and, while you might be excused at times for being foreign, you still need to at least try and play by the rules.
So, in order to avoid any embarrassing situations, here are some tips to keep you out of trouble.
And now, setting a good example of what not to do when meeting Koreans, is CL of 2ne1 with “나쁜 기집애 (The Baddest Female)”

Respect your elders

This rule may not be exercised so much in the West these days, but it’s still a crucial part of Korean culture. Of course, not being Korean means you’ll be excused for little mistakes but you should still try to be as formal and respectful as you can.
Remember to address people respectfully, use as formal language as you know and remember that what you do with your body is important.
When sitting either in chairs or on the ground, always sit with your legs (at least your knees) together and try to maintain good posture.
When giving or receiving anything from an elder, always do so with both hands and a slight bow of your head.

Don’t show-off your extensive lexicon of Korean curse words

Many Korean learners like to find excuses to use Korean in everyday life, and that’s great… Until they get ticked off…
Now, in Kdramas and Kpop they use curses and expletives pretty liberally, throwing them in for dramatic effect and emphasis without really thinking about it. Normal Korean people, however, aren’t usually so quick to curse, especially in front of others.
So, with this in mind, try and hold back you ‘aish’es and ‘aigoo’s. It may be tough, but it’ll look better if you do.

That point also brings me to:

Don’t copy pop culture

We, as multi-cultural people, need to accept the fact that Korean Dramas, just like the dramas of our home countries, are fictional and not 100% accurate representations of real life. They’re dramas… Meaning dramatic portrayals… In other words, not real…
We all know Kim Soo-Hyun isn’t really an alien, so we can at least gather from that the fact that maybe we can’t totally rely on music and TV for accurate depictions of Korean life.
Try not to assume that all Korean people conform to the roles in TV dramas. All moms aren’t scary tyrannical helicopter moms. All guys aren’t rich. All rich guys aren’t a**holes. Sometimes the sweet guy does get the girl. And so on and so forth.

Koreans are regular people with normal lives, so respect and appreciate them for who they are, not who television makes them out to be.

Also, don’t trust copying what people in dramas and music say and do. That can go really badly. So, make sure you’re studying correct and polite Korean, rather than going off what people say in that song or drama. That’s why I made today’s song CL’s “Baddest Female”, because that song (or actually most kpop songs) is very arrogant, and you could get some weird looks or lose friends by being (even unintentionally) arrogant.
One thing that my boyfriend (who is Korean, for those who don’t know) really hates is when people call “야![Ya!]” to get someone’s attention. While it’s used every two seconds in dramas, it’s quite rude and can piss people off, so try to refrain from using it, unless you are very close to that person and are 100% sure they don’t mind.

Remember your 씨s, 님s, 아s and 야s

This point might not be vital for a foreigner to use, but it could earn you Brownie Points with people you meet (especially if you’re meeting your other half’s parents).

씨 [ssi]

This is a formal but familiar suffix that you put after a person’s FIRST name to show respect. You use this with someone that you are not particularly close to. You may say it to a stranger or a friend of a friend, but it sounds weird if you say it to a friend. It is the Korean equivalent of saying Mr. David or Mrs. Helen.
So, for example, to address me, you may say “안녕하새요 애이미씨!”
The first word is ‘annyeonghasaeyo’ meaning ‘hello’.
The second word ‘애이미’ is my name, and you can see ‘씨’ [ssi] on the end. It’s fairly polite while still being casual.

님 [nim]

Nim is a much more formal honorific suffix that you attach to the occupation of a person, not their first OR last name[!!].
You can also put this on the end of the words for Father or Mother to add extra formality. So you have 아빠님 for Father and 엄마님 for addressing a Mother.
For example, you would be expected to address a teacher by ‘선생님’ [seon-saeng-nim]. So, in a formal setting:
[Occupation]+님= Good!
[Name]+님= Bad! Avoid.
“야! 아저씨/아줌마!”= VERY BAD! Like ‘hankering for a scalding’ bad!

아 [ah] and 야[ya]

아 and 야 are very casual ways to address someone very close to you. I’m explaining these two at the same time because they have the same meaning, but are just applied differently.
아 is used as the suffix when the last syllable block of a person’s first name has three characters.
For example, the name 예빈 [Yebin] has three characters (ㅎ, ㅣ and ㄴ) in the last syllable, so someone close could refer to them as ‘예빈아’[Yebina]
But 야 is used when the final syllable only has 2 character! So, the name ‘승리’ could be called ‘승리야’ by someone very close.

In situations where you aren’t sure about which suffix to use, go for the more formal option and, if you get an opportunity, gently ask the other person “제가 어떻게 불러야 될까요?” [jae-ga eo-tteoh-kae beol-leo-ya doe-kka-yo], which means “How can I address you?”.

Kdramas can help you learn

Exposing yourself to the Korean language will do wonders for your learning. Even if you use subtitles, hearing it spoken will help your listening, comprehension, pronunciation and vocabulary. And, it also means that you will soon be able to understand meanings in the character’s words that perhaps the subtitles cannot express!
Put a drama or a Korean podcast (such as the BRILLIANT Talk To Me In Korean or Korean Class 101 podcasts) on as you go to sleep at night and your subconscious will keep listening as you drift off, causing you to subliminally learn. Trust me, this works! I also do this to help me learn lines for plays and films, so it’s a pro tip!
And my final (and slightly conflicting) point:

Don’t JUST study Kdramas

Like I said, Kdramas can do wonders for your learning, but only as a supplement to your other study material. You’ll still need to get your textbooks out and knuckle down every so often – there’s only so much Lee Min Ho can help you!

If you only use the language learned from Kdramas, you will find yourself at risk of being labelled a ‘Koreaboo’ and Koreans may feel a little insulted (rightfully) if you take their language and culture for granted and limit it to only what you see on TV. Respect the culture, not just the TV shows, and you’ll be fine! 🙂

Have fun!

Korean, as I keep saying, is SO MUCH FUN, is a true delight to listen to and it sounds great to speak it. So don’t let it just become something you have to study or something you’re slogging though learning. Have fun with it and make it an adventure. You’re much more likely to learn it well if you approach it with passion, enthusiasm and a willingness to go through the steps, be willing to try, willing to make silly mistakes and ready to try. Keep learning and keep at it!

Also, Koreans are generally very helpful people and if they see you earnestly trying to learn their language, they will be compassionate and helpful. Show them how invested you are in learning their language and they will feel both respected and more encouraged to help your learning.

You’ll do great! Just remember to keep working at it and don’t be afraid to practice, practice, practice! 🙂
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Recipe: American-style pancakes!!

photo 4What’s the best thing about running out of cereal? Finding an alternative breakfast!! And what’s the best breakfast EVER? PANCAKES!

Also, good news for our Asian readers. While most cakey recipes involve oven, which are still not common in Asia, these are just made in a frying pan, so our lovely Asian readers can enjoy this traditional British and American favourite!

So, as I sit here currently stuffed with pancakes, here’s Amy’s pancake recipe!

While we’re at it, Dean Martin and Helen O’Connell discuss their breakfast plans with “How Do You Like Your Eggs In The Morning?”

What you’re going to need:


• 120ml Milk
• 150g Self-Raising Flower
• 3tbsp Sugar
• 1 Egg
• 2tbsp butter (melted)
• As much maple syrup as you like
• A few drops of cooking oil


• A frying pan
• A large mixing bowl or jug
• Smaller bowl
• Mixing spoon
• Flat spatula
• Whisk or fork


12In the big bowl, mix the sugar and flour together. In the smaller bowl, beat the egg and then mix in the milk and melted butter until they’re well mixed.

Then pour the egg mixture into the flour mix and mix it together.
6Make sure not to mix it too thoroughly, as you still want some small lumps to remain and you want to mix air into it, not beat it out.

While you mix, set a pan on a medium-high heat and put a little cooking oil in the pan.

Once it’s mixed enough (but not too much), set it aside until the pan is hot enough.

(The way I tell if the pan is ready to go is by dropping a tiny tiny amount of pancake mix into the middle of the pan and watching. If it forms a tiny pancake, then it’s ready!)

Pour a small ladle’s worth into the middle of the pan and let it cook.

Don’t be too hasty to flip it over. Wait until little bubbles form on the surface and then caaaaaaaarefully slide the spatula underneath and then REALLY caaaaarefully flip it over (being careful not to splash yourself with hot mix or oil).

Note: Avoid the temptation to flatten down the cooked side of the pancake with the spatula. A lot of people think that’ll help them cook faster, but it’ll only squish the air out of them, making them flatter and less fluffy.

Cook only one or two at a time, so they have space to expand and you’re less likely to burn them or yourself.
When they’re a light golden-y brown-y on both sides you can remove them from the pan, put them on a plate and keep cooking until you run out of mix!

Once you’ve finished them, you can top them with anything you like. My favourite is a little butter and a generous glug of maple syrup! Very traditional!

(Please remember, this is just a guideline and you should always take care when cooking. Use your sense and have fun safely!)

Bon Appétit!
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Recipe: Simple fudge

A while ago, I tried something that I’d been too chicken to attempt for ages.

I started making fudge.

That might not sound huge, but with my history of clumsiness, I figured that maybe handling pans of boiling hot sugar would be a bit silly – me being the doofus who once manage to badly cut my hand open while slicing a bagel.

But, once I had tried the first time, I realised that I might not be as cursed as I thought. While making fudge I suffered no burn, bruises, cuts or injuries of any kind. It was like a miracle and I realised then that I loved making fudge because, not only did I not die making it, it tasted REALLY GOOD! Everyone who tried it, even people who usually hated fudge, loved it and said I had a gift.
So, very pleased with myself and my new-found ability, I present to you my fudge recipe!!


1 large can of Condensed milk
500g of sugar (I use granulated or demerara – just depends what’s in the cupboard!)
150ml of milk
100g soft butter
1tsp Vanilla extract (totally optional)


Step 1
Line a square tin with greaseproof paper (trust me, you’ll want to do this FIRST!)

Step 2
Put all of the ingredients in a large pan over a medium heat. Stir the ingredients constantly to prevent any lumps or burning.
Wait for all of the ingredients to melt together (keep stirring)

Step 3
When all of the ingredients are melted together, turn the heat up and bring it all to the boil (Don’t forget to stir). When the mixture reaches boiling, turn down the heat and allow the mixture to simmer for 15-20 minutes (You’d better still be stirring!)

Step 4
After that time is up, get a really cold glass of water and take a tiny amount of the mixture (in a spoon, not your fingers!) and drip it into the water. A little soft ball of fudge should form. If it’s still gooey, keep it simmering for a while longer.

Step 5
Once the mixture reaches the “Soft ball stage”, as it’s called, you can take the pan off the heat.
And if you thought your stirring times were over, think again! You need to stir the fudge-y mixture until it goes very thick and begins to set. (your arms should be aching like crazy by now from all that stirring!)
– Be very careful not to splash yourself with the mixture or burn yourself on the pan! It happens! –

Step 6
Take the square tin (lined with baking paper) and pour (or scoop) the mixture into the tin. Flatten it out with the back of a spoon or a spatula until it’s level and fits nicely in the tin.

Step 7
Cool and allow to set in the fridge until it’s fudge and enjoy as you please!

Note: Once it’s done, keep the fudge wrapped up or in an airtight container so it lasts longer and stays fresh.
I recommend keeping the fudge in the fridge in between servings as it’s even better when cold!
If you’ve tried that and want to take it one step further you can try covering the sliced up pieces in melted chocolate and letting it set so you have delicious chocolate covered fudge! Top with a slice of strawberry, and I think that’s what heaven may taste like!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this recipe and have a lot of fun preparing it. A video tutorial will be following this post up very soon including other awesome flavours!

Remember: This is just a guideline and I’m no chef, so please take care when following this recipe and just treat it as a guideline – I don’t want anybody getting hurt over fudge!

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8 Tips for Saving Money

We all want it…. But why don’t we have it??

Why do we go to work? Maybe for some of us we go to work purely for the satisfaction it gives us, but there’s one very big thing that we spend a lot of our time chasing.

In the past, I’ve not been great with money and I’m now learning how to make and save it in the most efficient way. It’s not all that easy but it’ll be worth it for us to save those pennies!
  1. Plan ahead
I find it really helpful to be strict with my spending and set out a realistic budget to work by. I’ll work out what I’ll need and stick to it. Here’s how I work out my budget:
  Take a piece of paper and write down all of the regular expenses you can think of.
  Decide what expenses you are going to keep, cut down on and which you’re going to get rid of
  Work out how much that these cost you every week and try to over estimate the costs a little (don’t jump to every month, just because it’s good for your understanding to break it all down)
  THEN, you can work out how much it costs a month
  Take that figure and add an extra 10% on top of that and then you have your budget!
(make sure you stick tightly to your budget and don’t be tempted to treat yourself)
Now, here’s the magic part! If you stick tightly to your budget and don’t let yourself get led astray, you may actually find that you won’t end up spending all of your budget! If this happens, You can take the remainder of your budget, put it towards next month’s budget! That way you save from taking that amount from your pay for next month and you can also then reduce the budget to suit your spending. See how you can bring your budget down to maximize your savings!
  1. Make rules for yourself
When the going gets tough, the rules have to get tougher to match. It isn’t fun to follow the rules, but it is more fun to have money, so you need to bite the bullet and follow the rules.
Be honest with yourself about your spending and how it is making stuff difficult for you. For me, my biggest expenses are food (for a size 0 lady, I eat a lot!) and taxis (for a busy lady, I go out a lot). with this in mind I made a rule that I’d take food with me when I go out so I don’t need to buy snacks, drinks or meals. I quit drinking and also have limited how much I can go out for anything outside of work. I also love buying clothes a little too much…
Look at how much you are spending on stuff and work out where it isn’t necessary then take a deep breath and cut it.
Stick to the rules and you’ll soon see that your money isn’t disappearing as fast. If necessary, write a note of the things you aren’t allowed to buy and stick it where you can see in your wallet – Even write it on your bank cards if you need to!
  1. Don’t let it get you down
Deciding to save is a good thing, it stops you spending unnecessarily and also works your self-control (comes in handy in life), but you need to remember why you’re doing it. Are you planning a trip? Trying to save for your wedding? Getting a car? Just wanting to accumulate a comfy amount of money? Whatever the goal, keep reminders of it where you can see them. For me, I have a constant reminder of why I’m saving. While I’m happy with my current living situation, I want to save for a nice place to live in future and also for trips to see the people I love in different corners of the world.
Remember to let your hair down a little from time to time. Keep a jar that you always put a certain kind of change in (maybe 20 or 50 pence coins) that you can spend on whatever you want when it’s full! It’s a nice little checkpoint treat that will keep you positive when things get tough. Reward yourself in a helpful way, that way you stay positive and it doesn’t set back your saving!
  1. Check yourself before to wreck yourself
However painful it may feel, regularly check your bank balance. If you’re doing it right, those numbers should soon start to steadily go up and over time that ritual will become a little less scary (unless one day it’s all gone – in which case I personally would panic). I’m too much of a chicken for online banking but I have taken the step of receiving a text message at the beginning of every day telling me about all the transactions I made the day before. It’s a handy way of also keeping an eye on myself and making sure no thoughtless spends slip through the cracks. No more Starbucks for me!
  1. Don’t let a slip-up throw you off
Occasionally we all slip up and you may find yourself walking out of a store without realising you were there in the first place. It happens. But one other thing that usually happens is that one slip-up throws people entirely off-course and they pack in the entire venture at the drop of a hat. Don’t do it! Stick with it, move on and stay strong! (I’m probably going to repeat this piece of advice a lot in future, so learn it now so I’m not so tempted to insert it into every post :p )
If you’re driving and you make a wrong turn, you don’t just give up and drive home, do you? (I hope not…) What you probably do is stop, work out where you went wrong and correct your course. In life, that idea works just the same and there’s no shame in doing so. So, keep at it and you’ll be there in no time!
  1. Try to overcome your fear of money
If there is one thing that working as a waitress has taught me is to not be so afraid of money. It’s not some magical substance that can mess with you or put a curse on you, so don’t treat it as if you’re allergic to it. It’s not going to hurt you (I think the worst it could do is give you a little paper cut).
Try to get comfortable dealing with money and soon you’ll likely find yourself in a better financial situation.
  1. Don’t beat yourself up
If you’ve got or have had money troubles, don’t beat yourself up about it. It happens, stuff happens – life happens. In the end, money comes and money goes and you just have to learn how to handle it and work well with it. Let go of past troubles dealing with money and start fresh – start a new bank account if you have to! Just don’t feel burdened by it and set yourself free if you’ve still got lingering bad feelings about it all.
It’s just money. You can earn it back anyway!
8. Remember the values of the pennies
People often forget the value of change. They’ll throw it aside, chuck it in their handbag or just spend it on any thing to get rid of it…
But us… We realise that those pennies, however small and insignificant looking, add up and there’s actually a lot of money in that change that we once just tossed aside.
Keep a jar of pennies (Or a jar for each denomination of coins) and save all your change in there so you can haul it to a bank/coin exchange and enjoy the satisfaction of getting handed cash for your seemingly worthless coins. Result!
I really hope this has been helpful to you! If you have comments or questions, please please please share them with us.
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5 ways to communicate with your partner online


The internet is a really (like REALLY) big place and there’s a lot you can do with it. There’s so much possibility for communication, especially between you’re Significant Other (S.O)!
Especially if you guys are in a Long-Distance Relationship, the internet can be such a fantastic tool for sharing.

Being in a LDR myself, I’ve spent quite a lot of time thinking about all the different ways to use the internet for sharing and talking with my S.O.
Here are the top 5 methods (in no particular order) that I’ve found for making the most of the inter web!
(And to sing us through the steps today, it’s Soulja Boy with Kiss Me Thru The Phone)

1. Facebook
Some people might criticise me for putting Facebook at the top, but it really is a very typical way of keeping in touch. Even though the settings and features barely stop changing every two minutes, Facebook has a lot of freedom for adjusting and organising your audience.
You can alter the privacy settings for each post to choose who gets to see what – you can even hide it from everyone but one of few select friends.
The messenger is a pretty easy to use and quick method of communication. Some people don’t get the notifications on all their devices (I myself limit the notifications that come through on my phone for productivity sake and to avoid the really annoying buzzing sound) and kind of try to avoid Facebook at times, so this might not be the best communication depending on their personality.
One good idea is to create a group that only you and your S.O can see, so you can post statuses, messages, photos videos, links, etc to the wall without having to worry about doing the privacy settings every single time.
However, do be careful what you upload as, like many websites, Facebook occasionally makes security slip-ups and people can end up seeing stuff they shouldn’t. So… Yeah, take care!

2. IM
If you’re in a long-distance relationship, you don’t want to be texting and making overseas phone calls – that costs a lot of money – so you’ll want to look into the different instant messaging services available to you.
And, if you are, like me, dating a Korean, Kakaotalk and LINE are good messaging services to use. Calls and messages are free and they even have cute sticker things you can send to each other for those who like a little cuteness.
So take advantage of the many many different IM services out there, from Skype, to KakaoTalk, to WhatsApp!

3. Photo sharing
Sharing photos with your S.O is so easy online! There’s Snapchat, Instagram (which now has a direct feature for sharing with specific people), Facebook, Twitter, KakaoStory and so many more ways to share photos easily with reasonable privacy.
Again, it’s still the internet and privacy isn’t guaranteed, so I’d advise discretion when uploading pictures to the internet 😉

4. Blogging
It might seem a little odd with all the social media platforms out there, but it could be a good idea for you and your S.O to each start a blog that only the two of you can see. It gives you a little space that’s just yours, away from other notifications and influences from other people so you have a private little nook in the corner of the internet where you can both escape for a time. Update your blogs with anything you like – diary entries, your schedule, thoughts, videos, pictures, links, etc. It’s you’re blank canvas to paint the picture of your world to share with your other half so you can feel free to get creative with it!

5. Email
So, you might say it’s like 15 years too late for this idea, but communicating via email is actually a good way of sending longer and more detailed messages to your bf/gf. Just like a traditional letter, you can take your time to write a longer and more thoughtful message than you might send via IM (However, recently, in a letter I did discuss my thoughts on Psy’s new song Hangover…).
Don’t know this perfectly good method of communication until you’ve given it a good try. And anything that encourages you to stay on top of your inbox HAS to be a good thing!

I hope this is useful to you and has given you an idea of how the internet can help you and your partner feel close, even if there’s a whole world dividing you! If you have any comments or questions, please share them!
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What to expect when entering a Long-Distance Relationship

Long-Distance Relationships are quite different to regular relationships, and not the easiest, but they can be a lot of fun.
I myself am starting out in my own LDR and am adjusting and learning about this new way of living!
So, I am dating a Korean man, who I met while he was on his year abroad at my University. We’ve been together for months and get on very very VERY well. Sadly his time at the University came to an end and he is now back in Korea (*cue sad music*) BUT! We are still together! (*cue happy music*)
Having seen and felt what it’s like transitioning into a long-distance relationship, I can tell you a few of the things you can expect if you go through the same thing.

And today’s Song of the Day is (very fittingly) 2ne1’s Missing You:


It’s sad. You love them. They love you. Time and distance are dragging you two to different parts of the planet. Whether a couple hours or a couple days away from each other, distance is scary, so prepare to get a little emotional.

I was very lucky that my boyfriend is super wise and sweet, so he always knew the right thing to say to cheer me up, but the inevitable tears upon seeing the train doors close hit me with quite a shock and my sister, best friend and I all ended up in a mushy, sobbing, hugging mess.
Be ready to want to cry, not want to cry, your partner to not want you to cry and you to pray for your partner not to want to cry. Do your very best not to let your feeling overflow too much, especially if you aren’t the one leaving. I feel bad for how sad I was because it was my boyfriend who had to leave me behind, and the last thing I wanted was to make him feel bad.


After they go, you might find that EVERYTHING reminds you of you SO (SO= Significant Other) and everything draws your attention back to them – especially if you are the partner who stayed, as you have all the places and things you did together to remind you.
Even my ‘day job’ workplace reminds me of my boyfriend, as that was where we last ate together. During my first shift after him leaving, I thought the reminder was painful, but then found it made me happy as it was a special memory for us. I did almost cry on a customer I served at that table, but they were happy tears. I swear.

Feeling Ill

Parting with the person you love is stressful, no doubt about it, and stress can really affect our bodies. It can mess with our appetite, screw up our sleeping, throw off our immune system and even make us feel ill without any illness!
After my boyfriend left, I felt very ill. I had this unwell feeling in my stomach and kind of wanted to just lie down and wait for the discomfort to go away. But, thankfully, I worked out that it was just psychological and decided to let my brain do its thing and wait for it to pass.
You might actually get a little ill, but you might also just feel a psychological response to emotional upset.
Just take it easy, eat and drink right, and TRY to get enough rest.

The urge to become part glue-monster

Being apart is tough and you might feel the near overwhelming urge to become super clingy.
Pay attention to this urge and do your best to control it. Even if your boyfriend/girlfriend is a saint, they will still get a little annoyed if you become insanely clingy.
You may not even be aware you’re doing it, so here are a few things you should make sure NOT TO DO:

Rant about how horrible/hard an LDR is

If you are obsessing over how hard a long-distance relationship is, then you are not properly embracing the experience. You are a couple who have decided that you want to stay together and keep strong, no matter how big the divide. Your relationship isn’t on standby, it’s just operating differently, so try to see the best in it. I am already enjoying keeping up with my boyfriend over the many MANY different platforms for communication we have at our disposal.

Track their every move

Remember, your SO is a human with a private life and free will, so don’t try to follow their every step and record every breath they take. You just care and want to be a part of their life, but don’t crowd them. I know I’m tempted to ask my boyfriend about every little detail, but I’ll let him decide what he thinks of sharing with me – just like when we were in the same room. Express interest in their life and ask questions, but don’t full on stalk your own gf/bf! Keep it cool.

Focus only on yourself

Don’t sit and rant for hours about how you feel about stuff without asking how your partner feels – get their feelings and opinions. Care about what they have to say.

Criticize them for being away

Whatever you do and whatever frustration you may be feeling about things, DO NOT TAKE IT OUT ON THE OTHER. Maybe they aren’t actually there in person when you are having a crappy day. Maybe they are asleep when you feel like chatting. Maybe they couldn’t make it over for your Birthday. Whatever the problem is, do not blame them for being away. Whether you or they left, have compassion that it is as hard for them to be away from you and it is for you to be stuck away from them. Stuff happens, people can’t do everything and problems arise – but you’re in it together! 🙂

Get super jealous!

Whatever you do (and this is the MOST IMPORTANT ONE) DO NOT get really jealous of your partner. Don’t get mad with them if they are hanging out with friends (even friends of the opposite sex) and don’t give into the temptation of letting paranoia gnaw at your brain. It is toxic and is likely to do much more harm than good for your relationship. If something funky is going on, you will know, so don’t let paranoia mess things up for you.



I know it might be difficult for you and your partner to be apart (we’re going through the same thing), so just remember to be kind to yourselves and each other and to remember that, even if you are miles and miles apart, the relationship is fun, loving and worth it. Respect each other, trust and remember why you decided to get into it in the first place.
We wish you all the best!
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